Cyell was founded in 1995 and has used its collections to reach the summit women's bathing and sleepwear in Europe. Cyell has its own webshop in addition to the more than 1,600 carefully selected lingerie specialty shops and department stores in more than 14 countries where Cyell is sold. Cyell sets itself apart from the competition with its unique and distinctive signature, a sharp eye for detail, consistent quality, and a perfect fit.

Its 37 staff are passionate and highly involved in creating the collections. They stylists design and develop the various collections at the head office in Friesland: a colourful Beachwear collection, the luxurious Cyell Beach Pearl label and the comfortable Cyell Sleepwear & Homewear collection.

Cyell focuses on the fashionable and self-aware woman who has a positive, open take on life. Cyell also caters to the little ladies too, with its Cyell Girls' Beachwear and Girls' Sleepwear collections in sizes 110 through 164. Cyell is a pure, honest, and reliable brand that delivers what it promises. Our philosophy is follow your heart and see beauty and simplicity in people, beauty is being.

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