How to turn your home into a spa: 5 steps

A busy week ahead? Then what better way there is than to spend your Sunday by treating yourself to the ultimate pamper routine? Since we at Cyell are all about little moments of happiness, we’ve got you covered with these five steps to turn your home into a spa!


1. First of all make sure to wear something super comfortable, like our sparkle bathrobe made of a superb light and soft fabric. Wearing this will instantly give you that spa-feeling.
2. For that ultimate wellness feeling make sure your environment sounds and smells like a spa as well. Light a couple of your favorite scented candles and play some relaxing tunes, like harp music or classical Beethoven.
3. Run a bath if you have one and if not prepare yourself a foot bad. Use luxury bath oils to achieve a super soft skin and add some flowers to your (foot) bath to again really get that ultimate spa feeling.
4. Treat your locks to a hair mask and wrap them in a heated towel (put the towel in a microwave for 30 seconds), then liberally apply your favorite face mask and step in the (foot) bath. Now simply enjoy the peacefulness by closing your eyes or read a book or magazine. Just relax.
5. When you feel like you’ve had your masks on for long enough rinse them off and step out of the bath. Nourish your body with your favorite body lotion and give yourself a manicure; sweat pastel shades are all the rage this season.


Now you should feel ready to conquer a fresh new week!