8 tips to increase the lifespan of your swimwear!

10 tips om je zwemkleding mooi te houden verzorging badpak wassen bikini

The search for the perfect bikini or the perfect swimsuit can be quite complicated. Molded or non-molded cups? A high neck or bandeau? Flowers or stripes? There’s so much to choose from! But when you have finally found the bikini or swimsuit of your dreams, you want to enjoy it for as long as possible. That’s why we’re sharing 10 tips to increase the lifespan of your swimwear in this blog post.


1. Wash your bikini or swimsuit preferably cold and by hand. 
2. Don’t use any fabric softener! It will cause the fabric to lose it’s stretch.
3. Never put your bikini or swimsuit in the dryer, but lay it flat to dry. 
4. Don’t wring your swimwear. This will damage the fabric and diminish the elasticity. 
5. Always take a shower wearing your swimwear before you go for a swim. Because it already absorbed pure water, your bikini or swimsuit will absorb less chlorine water. Also rinse your swimwear with cold water after a dive in the pool or sea. 
6. Leave your sunscreen to work in for half an hour before you put on your swimwear and try to avoid contact with your swimwear when reapplying. 
7. Taking a shower and washing your hair after swimming? If possible please take of your swimwear, since shampoo can damage the fabrics of your swimwear.
And please don’t get off the water slide wearing your favorite bikini, since this will cause the fabric to get worn out rapidly .


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