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A whole New Year to enjoy

Happines is in the little things

Our New Years resolution is;

Think more about the things that make you smile!

We are already a few days in the new year,
Maybe you have made some resolutions.

Mostly, resolutions are about restrictions
This year is going to be better than last one if;
I lose some weight, I work out more, I work harder…
But what if you stop with those restrictions and
start looking at the things that are already perfect?

We made a list with 5 life hacks to shine troughout the new year!

1. Friends and Family. Surround yourself with people who make you feel loved and shine together!

2. Me time. Treat yourself! Even if it is only for an hour, making time for yourself in a busy schedule will make you feel energised. Take a bath, put on a face mask, use that scrub or put on your favourite serie and enjoy it with some snacks.

3. Sleep! We know that it can be hard to get enough sleep. Our life hack is: also set the alarm to remind you to go to bed. Train your sleeping schedule!

4. Keep on moving. You don’t have to set big goals to start moving more. Do the groceries by bike, take the stairs, go for an evening walk after dinner or do some stretching after you wake up to start the day fresh!

5. Healthy alternatives. Yes, all the Christmas and New Year’s drinks and treats were delicious and it is hard to switch to water and veggies as a snack. But who said you have to drink plain water? Upgrade your water with nice fruit and spice combo’s; grapefruit and thyme, lemon and mint, pieces of cucumber or something sweet like strawberries and orange. Full of flavour and really hydrating!

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