About ICON

With great pride CYELL launched her first ICON by Cyell collection in 2017. Having produced swimwear for the last quarter of a century, CYELL felt more than ready for this new collection, which features beautiful iconic styles. Iconic, though refined in a surprising way. Using her expertise in producing swimwear CYELL succeeded in creating sophisticated styles of a superb quality and with a perfect fit. For the sophisticated fashionable woman who’s curiosity drives her to explore the world and who knows how to express herself. Whether she’s 28 or 88; icons come in all ages.


As the name ICON by Cyell already suggests, we are fully aware of the iconic silhouettes of the bikinis and swimsuits we develop. It is our heartfelt passion however to surprise in details, exclusive fabrics, shape and quality. This first collection arose out of love for the iconic European beaches. Inspired by the iconic flowers and palm trees of the Mediterranean islands, the colourful botanical Wanderlust print came to life, while the structured fabric of the Moonrise Khaki styles make your mind wander off to the emerald coast of Bretagne.


Running your life largely in autopilot mode, it is important to get out of this mode now and then, to go traveling and to embrace the sun. The sophisticated yet comfortable ICON by Cyell collections suit this purpose perfectly and will make you experience the most magical summer ever.

Collect unforgettable memories, go and let go…