Almere – CYELL showroom

Last Thursday April 19th Style My Day & CYELL organized an exclusive event for five happy winners (drawn from 600 enthusiastic entries) and their best friend, mother or sister. The day started with a delicious lunch at a festive laid table, where everybody got to meet each other and the Style My Day and CYELL teams. After the lunch all winners were very excited to discover the new CYELL swimwear collection. With the help of Style My Day Lonneke’s styling advice and CYELL’s own Annemarie everybody managed to find her perfect summer 2018 bikini or swimsuit and accessory. Meanwhile bubbles were sipped, nails were polished and lots of laughs were shared. This day was the ultimate prove that bikini shopping doesn’t have to be a stressful activity. To quote Lonneke: “Today was a party!”.

Watch the after movie to experience it for your self!


CYELL swimwear SS18 Early Delivery collection Secret Garden Carla Salamão Jetteke van Lexmond Jouke Bos Seychelles bikini shoot CYELL Swimwear SS18 La Digue Seychelles bikini shoot CYELL Swimwear SS18 Early Delivery collection Marrakesh Carla Salamão Jetteke van Lexmond Jouke Bos Seychelles bikini shoot


With days getting shorter and even snow predicted for the weekend, don’t you just secretly want to escape the cold and fly away to someplace warm and sunny? For everybody who actually does we’re launching our CYELL Swimwear SS18 Early Delivery collection next week. Close your eyes and fly away with us to the Seychelles, located in the Indian Ocean. A perfect dream hideaway where the beach is powdery white and the ocean has endless shades of shimmering blue. In collaboration with top stylist Jetteke van Lexmond, famous photographer Jouke Bos, Brazilian model Carla Salomão and even Seychelles locals, we managed to create the photo shoot of our dreams. 

The CYELL Swimwear SS18 collection is inspired by surprising combinations of graphical and bold exotic prints and softer earthy tones and water color prints. Our SS18 bikinis and bathing suits give you the ultimate summer feeling and perfect fits up to cup size F. The CYELL Swimwear SS18 Early Delivery collection consists out of six beautiful themes. Daze away to tropical destinations wearing the colorful parrot feather print. Or dive into a watercolor wonderland with the hand painted Secret Garden and Shadows print. Or will you go for an oriental print inspired by Moroccan tiles which makes your mind wander off to the colorful alleys of Marrakesh? Do you prefer uni colors? The fire red bathing suits and bikinis from the Fire Essential Red theme look wonderful against the gold yellow color of sunny beaches. And the colors of the fabric and sparkly embellishments of the Platinum Essentials Navy styles resemble the sea and its wonderful inhabitants.

B E H I N D  T H E  S C E N E S


Shop our SS18 Swimwear Early Delivery collection in stores or on our webshop starting from next week.



Say hello to fall! Thick jumpers and cardigans can be pulled out of the closet again and entire Sundays are spent in pajamas. With so much extra time being spend indoors fall is also the perfect season to focus more om cooking and baking. And did you know cooking is is very relaxing? Another reason to start baking. For the Sunday brunch for example! To get you started we’re glad to share this recipe for delicious autumnal apple cinnamon croissants with you: not too hard, but very tasty! Pull on something comfy and let’s get started!


60 grams (1/3 cup) brown sugar
2 teaspoons cinnamon
3 tablespoons melted butter
150 grams walnuts or pecan nuts
1 diced apple
1 can of Danerolles dough for croissants
1 egg

1. Heat the oven on 190 degrees
2. Put parchment paper on a baking tray.
3. Open the croissants dough can and put the triangles on a clean surface.
4. Mix the brown sugar and cinnamon together in a bowl.
5. Grease the croissants with the melted butter.
6. Sprinkle the sugar and cinnamon mixture on top of the croissants. Sprinkle the walnuts on top afterwards.
7. Wash the apple and cut it in 6 pieces.
8. Put a piece of apple on the wide side of the croissant and close it by rolling.
9. Repeat these steps for all 6 croissants
10. When all 6 are ready to go put them on the baking tray. Make sure there’s some space in between the croissants, since they grow in the oven. 
11. Use the yolk of the egg to grease the croissants, which makes them get a nice brown color. After you’re done greasing, sprinkle the last bits of the cinnamon sugar mixture on top of the croissants. 
12.Put the baking tray in the oven and let the croissants bake for 12-15 minutes. 
13. Get them out of the oven and leave them to rest for about 10 minutes.


Bon appétit!

Now in stores FW 2017


Good news! We’re delighted to announce that our homewear & sleepwear fall/winter 2017 collection has left our warehouse and is now available in stores and in our webshop!

Luxe and comfort
Luxurious and sensual fabrics like velvet and satin in subtle dusty colors characterize our FW2017 collection. Gems of this collection are the velvet suit and satin pajama set. The velvet suit appeals to to one of the biggest trend of this season: Pajamas that are allowed to be worn outside as well. Lace in different variations can also be found throughout this collection. This elegant fabric for example gets used as a trim, but there’s also a dress with a high neck completely crafted out of lace.

Animal, flower and oriental prints
As opposed to the subtle dusty pink, plum and blue there’s a combination of more obvious animal, flower and oriental prints. Take for example the trousers with leopard silhouettes, which perfectly combines with one of the absolute eyecatchers of this collection: The ‘Bed Habits’ quote T-shirt. This T-shirt is finished with a sporty and modern lurex trim.

With knitted styles and bathrobes from polar fleece the homewear FW2017 collection is perfect to get snuggled away in. What makes this homewear collection so unique is the fact that the items can be worn both during daytime and nighttime. The striped dress, the innovative blazer and the long sweater are absolute wardrobe staples this season.
Wij zijn ontzettend trots op deze nieuwe collectie en hopen dat jij net zo trots zult zijn om deze te dragen!
We’re incredibly proud of our new collection and hope you’ll be just as proud wearing it!

Check out the lookbook here!



8 tips to increase the lifespan of your swimwear!

10 tips om je zwemkleding mooi te houden verzorging badpak wassen bikini

The search for the perfect bikini or the perfect swimsuit can be quite complicated. Molded or non-molded cups? A high neck or bandeau? Flowers or stripes? There’s so much to choose from! But when you have finally found the bikini or swimsuit of your dreams, you want to enjoy it for as long as possible. That’s why we’re sharing 10 tips to increase the lifespan of your swimwear in this blog post.


1. Wash your bikini or swimsuit preferably cold and by hand. 
2. Don’t use any fabric softener! It will cause the fabric to lose it’s stretch.
3. Never put your bikini or swimsuit in the dryer, but lay it flat to dry. 
4. Don’t wring your swimwear. This will damage the fabric and diminish the elasticity. 
5. Always take a shower wearing your swimwear before you go for a swim. Because it already absorbed pure water, your bikini or swimsuit will absorb less chlorine water. Also rinse your swimwear with cold water after a dive in the pool or sea. 
6. Leave your sunscreen to work in for half an hour before you put on your swimwear and try to avoid contact with your swimwear when reapplying. 
7. Taking a shower and washing your hair after swimming? If possible please take of your swimwear, since shampoo can damage the fabrics of your swimwear.
And please don’t get off the water slide wearing your favorite bikini, since this will cause the fabric to get worn out rapidly .


Still looking for the bikini or swimsuit of your dreams? Or do you simply want to extend your collection? Then please take a look at our webshop or check our store finder for your nearest store.

How to turn your home into a spa: 5 steps

A busy week ahead? Then what better way there is than to spend your Sunday by treating yourself to the ultimate pamper routine? Since we at Cyell are all about little moments of happiness, we’ve got you covered with these five steps to turn your home into a spa!


1. First of all make sure to wear something super comfortable, like our sparkle bathrobe made of a superb light and soft fabric. Wearing this will instantly give you that spa-feeling.
2. For that ultimate wellness feeling make sure your environment sounds and smells like a spa as well. Light a couple of your favorite scented candles and play some relaxing tunes, like harp music or classical Beethoven.
3. Run a bath if you have one and if not prepare yourself a foot bad. Use luxury bath oils to achieve a super soft skin and add some flowers to your (foot) bath to again really get that ultimate spa feeling.
4. Treat your locks to a hair mask and wrap them in a heated towel (put the towel in a microwave for 30 seconds), then liberally apply your favorite face mask and step in the (foot) bath. Now simply enjoy the peacefulness by closing your eyes or read a book or magazine. Just relax.
5. When you feel like you’ve had your masks on for long enough rinse them off and step out of the bath. Nourish your body with your favorite body lotion and give yourself a manicure; sweat pastel shades are all the rage this season.


Now you should feel ready to conquer a fresh new week!

Summer 2017 trend: the high neck

Do you want to be a trendy vacationer this summer without giving in on quality? Then we at Cyell have got you covered! At Cyell we highly value quality and next to our classic favorites, our SS‘17 beachwear collection contains a couple of very on-trend styles. One of the biggest trends this season is the high neck, which we implemented in a bikini, tankini and a swimsuit: we always aim to cater to all tastes!


Our high neck bikini top is elegant yet sporty, which also makes it very suitable for water sports: no need to be scared for your lady bits showing up unwantedly. It comes in size 36 to 44 and in four very different designs. Go minimalistic with the Triangle print, go playful with the Aloha print, go romantic with the Birds of Paradise print or go party with our Fiësta print!

Our high neck tankini comes in cupsize B plus D and size 36 to 44. It features a mesh overlay, which gives it a very luxurious touch. Add even more luxury by choosing the Luxury Essentials version made out of lurex fabric in black or blue or go colorful with the Birds of Paradise print.

Last but not least are our glamorous high neck swimsuits available from size 36 to 44. They’re tight up to the midriff creating a high waist bottom effect. The upper part of this swimsuit features a loose lurex fabric and is available in both black and blue and in cup sizes B plus D. 

Which one is your favorite? Check our store finder for your nearest store!

Now in stores


Good news! We’re delighted to announce that our homewear & sleepwear SUMMER2017 collection left our warehouse and is available in stores right now!

Quality and comfort
As always to create this collection we used the highest quality and most comfortable fabrics: perfect for those pure, relaxing and lazy summer days. The majority of the styles are made from our highly praised 50% cotton and 50% modal fabric, which feels super soft to the skin. We also have a romantic crisp white 100% cotton line called Poetry, a smooth and shiny 100% viscose line called Sparkle and a comfort line composed of a thicker and ultra soft 100% cotton fabric. We’re also very excited to introduce our very first wellness line with 100% cotton dotted bathrobes and matching towels for the spa lovers!

Styles and designs
Our new collection contains a wide variety of styles: from tops, trousers and dresses to bathrobes, tunics and even towels! These are available in a wide range of designs. Our classic solids come in the soft summer pastels night shadow, tangerine, ivory and sugar coral. But we also have eight gorgeous prints: flower yard, petite, painted, poetry, fabulous, pearls, rebel love and sparkle. Creating this collection we paid close attention to the details, some styles for example feature little lace inserts and others contain tiny shiny sparkles. Designing this collection we made sure to use the same colors of the solids in the prints, so that they can be mutually mixed and matched.

We take a lot of pride in this new collection and we hope you will feel just as proud wearing it! Visit your nearest store to admire our homewear & sleepwear collection in real life!

[ngg_images source=”galleries” container_ids=”8″ display_type=”photocrati-nextgen_pro_mosaic” row_height=”320″ margins=”3″ last_row=”justify” lazy_load_enable=”1″ lazy_load_initial=”35″ lazy_load_batch=”15″ captions_enabled=”0″ captions_display_sharing=”1″ captions_display_title=”1″ captions_display_description=”1″ captions_animation=”slideup” order_by=”sortorder” order_direction=”ASC” returns=”included” maximum_entity_count=”500″]


QC trip to Asia

Kirsten’s  (Assistant Buyer CYELL ) Quality Control trip in Asia

How to make sure our collections are made as good as we promise our customers?!

Before our producers send out our articles, we want to make sure that the quality is as good as we promise to our customers. Therefore, every season we do quality checks on location. This was my first QC trip to Asia to check a part of our Sleepwear & Homewear collection fall winter 2016. I think it is very interesting to know a little bit more of the background of your pajama or nightdress.

The things we pay attention to during these quality checks are; The colors, do they have the exact color as we designed them? Are the articles made of the fabrics and accessories we picked? Did they follow our exact size specifications? Are all articles clean and neat? And of course what are the circumstances in the factories, how do they work?

Other than that these trips are of course very inspiring and fun! Love my job 🙂

Hi there!

Hi there! As traveling is one of our favorite leisure activities, we decided to take a short weekend trip to Cologne, Germany. While strolling through the streets, we bumped into a cute and stylish coffee place called ‘Yummy Müslibar’. This is obviously the place to be in Cologne right now, if you want to grab a coffee and try one of the delicious snacks like raw cakes, muesli or a sandwich. We were glad to have a nice talk with Friederieke, the owner of the bar. She explained to us why she believes healthy food is becoming an bigger issue in our society and what her place offers for all different types of tastes.




“One year ago my dream came true when I got the chance to take over ‘Yummy Müslibar’ in Cologne. About two years earlier I started working here and I noticed that there are more and more people having all kinds of food intolerances such as lactose and gluten intolerance or nut allergies. Some people just want to renounce other foods like eggs, milk, wheat or sugar. Mostly for health reasons, others for ethical reasons. They are now able to find delicious food at my place! The name says it all, everything is yummy 😉


We try to combine almost every nutritional concept in our small café and work by the slogan: We’re tolerant against any intolerances. So vegans can get their coffee with soy, oat or homemade nut milk and classics can also get a coffee with cow milk.


You’ll find a variety of sandwiches on the menu, but also classic cakes, granola, bircher muesli, vegan pies, soups and raw cakes are on the menu. Raw cakes aren’t baked. They neither contain industrial sugar nor cereals or animal products. They mostly consist of nuts, dates and coconut oil mixed with tasty ingredients like chocolate and fruits.


We find natural components very important. But having a conscious nutrition doesn’t mean you’re not able to celebrate with snacks! In order to control which ingredients our products contain –to make sure they’re tasty and healthy– almost all of our products are home made. One of our newest and favorite products are the freshly made smoothies. A perfect start for my healthy and yummy day! :)”


Thank you Friederike and crew for your time and hospitality. Obviously we tried to eat almost everything from the menu and we have to say it’s all very good! Make sure you’ll give this place a visit during your next trip to Cologne.