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Sun Care

Sun care & swimwear

Warm summer days are waiting for us next week. What’s better to enjoy tropical days outside in the sun? It seems logical, but most people forget about proper sun care while enjoying long sunny days. Did you know that these products can affect your swimwear when not used properly? We love to share some tips & tricks with you to enjoy the sun safely, with your body ánd your swimwear!

The right amount

You need more than you think! Use per session a minimum of 30 ml sunscreen. For the distribution you can keep the following amounts: 1 tea spoon for face and neck, 2 table spoons for arms and shoulders, 2 table spoons for chest, tummy and back and 2 table spoons for legs and feet. It can be difficult to measure this at the beach or pool. Our advice is simple: Just use a thick layer!

Mind the time

The quality of sunscreen gets better each season. The effect is getting longer and more products are becoming waterproof. Still, the factor of your sunscreen decreases after a while and is accelerated by wearing clothes or by taking a dip in the water. That is why we recommend applying sunscreen every 2 hours. The active ingredients of the sunscreen also need about half an hour to absorb. So do not dive directly into the sea or swimming pool in that half hour and let the product absorb well first. This also prevents stains in your swimwear!

Flowy accessories

The best sun protection is to cover your skin as much as possible. With, for example, a gorgeous flowy kaftan, beach dress or pareo. Stylish and practical, and even better when matching with your swimwear. This seasons collection is full of elegant beach accessories!