Cyell atelier in Hungary

As you enter our atelier in Hungary you hear the rattling of sewing machines and the soft buzzing of people talking to each other. Each day hundreds of Cyell bikinis are being made by dedicated people who work with a lot of passion on our collections.

We fully admire their craftmanship and are really proud to have such a nice and warm working relationship with our colleagues from Hungary. It brings a smile to their and our faces, a very wide, beaming smile!

Have a look at the video below to get an impression of all the activity that is taking place at this atelier.

QC trip to Asia

Kirsten’s  (Assistant Buyer CYELL ) Quality Control trip in Asia

How to make sure our collections are made as good as we promise our customers?!

Before our producers send out our articles, we want to make sure that the quality is as good as we promise to our customers. Therefore, every season we do quality checks on location. This was my first QC trip to Asia to check a part of our Sleepwear & Homewear collection fall winter 2016. I think it is very interesting to know a little bit more of the background of your pajama or nightdress.

The things we pay attention to during these quality checks are; The colors, do they have the exact color as we designed them? Are the articles made of the fabrics and accessories we picked? Did they follow our exact size specifications? Are all articles clean and neat? And of course what are the circumstances in the factories, how do they work?

Other than that these trips are of course very inspiring and fun! Love my job 🙂

Hi there!

Weekend trip inspiration

Hi there! As traveling is one of our favorite leisure activities, we decided to take a short weekend trip to Cologne, Germany. While strolling through the streets, we bumped into a cute and stylish coffee place called ‘Yummy Müslibar’. This is obviously the place to be in Cologne right now, if you want to grab a coffee and try one of the delicious snacks like raw cakes, muesli or a sandwich. We were glad to have a nice talk with Friederieke, the owner of the bar. She explained to us why she believes healthy food is becoming an bigger issue in our society and what her place offers for all different types of tastes.


“One year ago my dream came true when I got the chance to take over ‘Yummy Müslibar’ in Cologne. About two years earlier I started working here and I noticed that there are more and more people having all kinds of food intolerances such as lactose and gluten intolerance or nut allergies. Some people just want to renounce other foods like eggs, milk, wheat or sugar. Mostly for health reasons, others for ethical reasons. They are now able to find delicious food at my place! The name says it all, everything is yummy 😉


We try to combine almost every nutritional concept in our small café and work by the slogan: We’re tolerant against any intolerances. So vegans can get their coffee with soy, oat or homemade nut milk and classics can also get a coffee with cow milk.


You’ll find a variety of sandwiches on the menu, but also classic cakes, granola, bircher muesli, vegan pies, soups and raw cakes are on the menu. Raw cakes aren’t baked. They neither contain industrial sugar nor cereals or animal products. They mostly consist of nuts, dates and coconut oil mixed with tasty ingredients like chocolate and fruits.


We find natural components very important. But having a conscious nutrition doesn’t mean you’re not able to celebrate with snacks! In order to control which ingredients our products contain –to make sure they’re tasty and healthy– almost all of our products are home made. One of our newest and favorite products are the freshly made smoothies. A perfect start for my healthy and yummy day! :)”


Thank you Friederike and crew for your time and hospitality. Obviously we tried to eat almost everything from the menu and we have to say it’s all very good! Make sure you’ll give this place a visit during your next trip to Cologne.