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Care and washing advice

Femke de Haan
01 juli 2020

Care and washing advice

Tips & tricks for maintaining your delicate swimwear


Our products are made to last. Every season we design a trend following collection, with a timeless spirit. However, it’s important to take proper care of your swimwear. This way, your items will stay in perfect condition, so you can enjoy them season after season.








Cyell, once you know...



Avoid harsh detergents
To keep the fabric as new

Just as the harsh chemicals in laundry detergents can be damaging to your skin, they can also be harmful for your swimwear. The chemicals in some detergents can eat away at the fabric, which will eventually break down the shape and elasticity of your swimwear. We recommend using a gentle detergent or a special swimwear detergent when washing your swimwear to avoid damage.


Rinse after a dive in the pool
Avoid chlorine damage

To help rid your swimwear of chlorine, rinse it in cold water after every use. We highly recommend doing this immediately after taking the item off, even if you don’t have the time to thoroughly wash it with soap. By rinsing out the salt water and/or chlorine-based chemicals, it will help to prolong the longevity, color and elasticity of your swimwear.



Hand wash & air dry
Skip the washing machine & dryer

The roughness of the inside of the washing machine and the intensity of the wash cycle can cause premature snags and holes in your swimwear. Similarly, the heat from the dryer can result in color fading and can cause the swimwear to lose its shape. For the best results and a longer lifespan, we suggest hand washing and air-drying your swimwear on a flat surface to prevent stretching and discoloration. After washing, Gently squeeze out the water. Be gentle and don’t wring it out. It may be tempting, but the twisting motion is still damaging.


Avoid rough surfaces
And keep it comfortable

It’s second nature to want to sit on the pool deck, in the sand or on stones. However that can actually ruin your swimwear.To reduce the chance of pilling – the tiny, fuzzy balls that appear on the surface of the garment – we advise you put a towel down before sitting on any rough or scratchy surfaces. Opt for a big, soft matching towel for extra comfort!