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Style & fit advice

Femke de Haan
20 februari 2020

Style & fit advice

Find you favourite fit








Cyell has a wide range of styles and cup sizes to make sure you find your perfect fit!

We have 25 years of experience working with all different body types and their needs.
Do you like prints, colours or strong basics?
What cup size are you? Are you a swimsuit, bikini or tankini type?

Cyell repeats our most popular styles each collection. Once you know the right style and fit for your body,
you can stay with your perfect fit, season after season.

CYELL, once you know...


Tips & ticks to find your perfect fit
Bikini tops

- Finding your fit for an underwired bikini should be no different to finding the perfect bra. Although Cyell follows dress and cup sizing the principle is the same, check out our Size Guide to find our size suggestion.

- An underwired bikini top should fit comfortably around your underbust (the area where your breast tissue meets your ribcage). The fit should be tight but with enough room to place your index finger beneath the underband.

- When our Bikini top offers multiple fit options, please fasten the underband on the loosest setting, with wear you then have the option to increase the tightness of the underband.

- Not every Bikini top is for every bust shape, if you have a breast that is round and full on top consider our styles 119, 170 or 117. For a more sloped breast, take a look at our tops 192, 193 or 131. Our collection is diverse and offers a great range of options.

- At your neckline ensure that the breast falls neatly into the cup, not cutting into your breast tissue or creating a ‘overflow’ effect. If this happens the cup is too small. We can suggest moving up one band size and up one cup size (i.e. 38D =36E)

Check that the bikini cup does not cut too high into your underarm, this can become uncomfortable. For this issue consider trying a smaller cup size or a style with a lower underarm edge.



How to adjust bikini top straps to fit correctly

- With every great bikini the underband offers support and the straps offer security; if the fit in the underband is good the rest will follow.

- Adjust the length of your straps to ensure the front and back underband sit parallel around you ribcage, and the straps do not dig into the dip of you shoulder.

- Convertible straps allow you to change from halter, over the shoulder, cross back or completely removed (perfect for sunbathing.)

- Cross back styles can increase lift and create a more sporty look.

- Halter styles can subtly enhance the look of your décolleté.



- Our tankini’s come in different style options. With padding, hidden wires for extra support or a combination of padding and wires, shoulder straps and halternecks.

- Tankini tops are a great option with more freedom of movement, they are also a great option for longer body types. A Tankini can also be combined with a matching print for a ‘swimsuit’ look, or with one of our solid slips for a statement style.

- Our styles 163 in cup sizes D til F and 185 in B+D include a supportive bra closure hidden inside, this can be adjusted like a bikini underband to find your perfect fit.


Bikini bottoms

- When choosing your Bikini Bottoms, the most important factor should be your confidence and comfort, pick a style from our range of High, Regular and Low rise slips.

- High Rise slips offer flattering coverage for ‘tummy conscious’ bikini lovers as well as coverage for your hips and bottom. One of our trend High Rise slips is the 221 with a timeless retro feel.

- Regular Rise slips such as our 212 offer medium coverage; sitting below your navel, in line with your hips. What we love about these slips is the variety of styling options, from wrinkled to clean finished, there is definitely a style for you.

- Can’t decide between High or Regular Rise? Our style 224 has a fold down waistband, that can be worn rolled up to provide a little more coverage and give a on trend belted look.

- Tie side details in our Low Rise slips, 215 and 219 provide adjustability and a playful look. For the most flattering effect tie the bows to face forward.



- Our swimsuits are very versatile and work for many body shapes and cup sizes. We offer our swimsuits in 36-44 and in specific styles cups B+D. This offers flexibility in fit, a small C can fit comfortably into a B cup or for more coverable a bigger C fits in the D cup style.

- Different styling looks, clean, wrinkled, wrap and bustier offer flattering and stylish shapes for all body types, for example a our style 310 creates coverage for problem areas whilst offering a secure feminine feeling.

- Our style 303 with an elegant twist, has removable foam padding meaning you can decide just how much support you need.

- When fitting a swimsuit it is important to check the following, does the leg fit comfortably around your hips, is it digging in or creating a too tight look? We can suggest to move up a size or even adjust your strap lengths and check again.


How to measure your perfecte fit

- The perfect fit is about confidently and comfortably knowing your body and what works best for you.

- Use a tape measure to measure yourself, holding the tape securely around the 4 key points.

- To achieve an accurate measurement we recommend you take these measurements whilst wearing minimal clothing.

- Refer to the table to the right to confirm your correct size.

Bust: Measure across the fullest area of your bust & straight around your back

Underbust: Measure directly under your bust & straight around your back

    Waist: Measure halfway between your lowest rib and the top of your hipbone

Hip: Measure at the fullest part of your hip ensuring the tape is straight